SPM Reading Comprehension

Exercise 1

1.         From paragraph 1,

            (a)        what is the meaning of deforestation?

Deforestation is the cutting down or burning down of trees in forests and the conversion of forested areas to non –forest land for use.

            (b)        state one result of deforestation

Deforestation results in decline in habitat/in biodiversity/ in wood for fuel and industrial use/ in quality of life


2.         (a)        From paragraph 2, in what way does deforestation contribute to global warming?

The incineration and burning of forest plans in order to clear land, release tonnes of carbon dioxide which increase the impact of global warming.

(b)        From paragraph 3, how does deforestation contribute to floods and landslides?

                              It reduces soil cohesion


3.         (a)        From paragraph 4, what is the connection between forests and medicine?

                          Forests preserve / foster medicinal conservation

            (b)        From paragraph 5, why does the writer mention the statistics from China?

He wants to illustrate that deforestation leads to reduced evapotranspiration


4.         (a)        From paragraph 6, state one role of forests

Forests provide a biodegradable renewable resource/ forests are important stores of organic carbon./ forests can extract carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air, thus contributing to biosphere stability.

            (b)        From paragraph 7, how can we reduce the effects of deforestation?

                          We can do this through environmentally sustainable practices.


5.         In your own word, explain how deforestation can be controlled?

            It can be done through the enforcement of laws. (Any acceptable answer)  


Exercise 2

1.         (a)        From paragraph 1, why do lots of people go to the Sepang International Circuit?

                           They go there to watch the Petronas Malaysia Formula One Grand Prix.

            (b)        From paragraph 2, how many people can the spectator stand accommodate?

                          It can accommodate a maximum of 130 000 spectators

2.         From paragraph 4, describe the Sepang race track that F1 drivers compete in.

             It is 5.543 kilometres long with two long straights and 15 corners. Three of the corners are tight                               
             hairpin bends.

3.         From paragraph 4, which word has the same meaning as frightening and dangerous?


4.         From paragraph 6,

            (a)        What is allowed at a pit stop visit?

                          Refuelling only

            (b)        Name the two conditions when tyres are allowed to be changed during a race.

                        (i)         when the tyres are damaged       

                        (ii)        when the weather conditions require a complete change of tyres

5.         (a)        From paragraph 7, why do F1 engineers have to redesign engines and tyres?

                          They have to design engines and tyres that are more powerful and efficient to last through two  
                          days of racing

            (b)        From paragraph 10, the author says that each series is a battle of man and engines. Why does he say so?

                          Because it is not only a competition that tests the efficiency and power of engines but also the F1 
                          drivers’ driving skills.